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I’ve developed the concept of the brand 'hæppi which offers its customers products that will increase their level of happiness. 
The idea came from my interest in the more and more common occurrence of depression within our society. Technological progress of recent decades has significantly improved every area of our ​​lives, and yet the real sense of satisfaction with life has not increased. Gathering material wealth turns out to be an insufficient way for society to achieve happiness. The search for happiness is the moment when we seem to be ready to believe in (almost) everything.

Therefore, I based my project on the existing marketing trend, which uses the uncertainty and anxiety prevailing in the lives of young adults.

This way of marketing products feeds on the promise of happiness and prosperity through the use of sold goods, such as cosmetics, supplements and various services from the lifestyle area.

To materialize the brand, I‘ve created a website and an Instagram account - because today without a social media account nothing seems to be real. 
I based the design of the website and the profile in social media on the simplicity of the message and the aesthetic direction that I often encountered in “similar” projects. 
I’ve created an illusion of "affordable luxury" using fashionable brown glass packaging that protects contents of the bottles against UV rays. Content of the website and Instagram profile is filled with messages like “conscious, vegan or 100% natural”. 
These actions are aiming to build client’s desire to own a product that will ensure happiness without an effort. However, when the customer interacts with the site, he encounters a twist - slogans overthrowing most popular myths about happiness are displayed next to the “sold” products, eg. “Having things will not make you happy.” 

Website >>>
Design process

First sketches
Name origins
Logo and label designs
Evolution of sygnet
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