I've always wanted to design a calendar, but never had: 
A. Enough time,
B. Sufficient motivation,
C. A specific idea for the theme of the calendar.
Finally in 2021 I've decided to create one, but in a completely different way.
At the first day of every month I will share FREE TO DOWNLOAD ( !!1!! XD ) calendar page for the current month. Each page will be unique and different.
I really hope you will enjoy it!

I share with you my work with the CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license, which means it's free for personal use 
(you can download it, print it and hang it on your wall :D), you can also share it on social media
(with attributing the author - me :), but you are not allowed to sell it or modify and use any part of my work.

PS: It will mean a lot to me if you share pictures of the printed calendars pages in use!
S E P T E M B E R  2 0 2 1
D O N ' T   F O R G E T  T O   H A V E  F U N  : )
Watch closely ;)
A U G U S T  2 0 2 1
G L O B A L   W A R M I N G
Always when it's super hot and I'm all sweaty, I feel like a shapeless blob.
But I know I'm gonna miss it soon. Too soon.
J U L Y  2 0 2 1
V A C A Y   C H I L L
Chill in the summer sun and don't cover your belly rolls - we all have them <3
Go for a proper, belly-proud tan :)
J U N E  2 0 2 1
H O P   I N !
Jump into the summer sun :)

M A Y  2 0 2 1
M A Y   B E   G O O D   T O   U S
Please, please, please.

A P R I L  2 0 2 1
I   A M   E N O U G H​​​​​​​
Sometimes we all just need to remind ourselves this sentence and don't stretch our  limits to meet ambitions.

M A R C H  2 0 2 1
M Y  C U T E  U G L Y  C A T S​​​​​​​
MARCH IS A CATS’ MONTH 🐱we have our first anniversary with 2 little devils, that definitely kept us busy enough to stay sane during lockdowns.
Download here

F E B R U A R Y  2 0 2 1
S T A Y   W A R M !
Keep yourself warm and healthy, during these uncertain times.

J A N U A R Y  2 0 2 1
... and definitely 2020 survivors, so we should celebrate this :)

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